Ilona follows a relatively structured approach to each engagement based on what she knows works. This approach has served her well throughout her career and she has continued to evolve the approach through pivotnow. Actual deliverables and engagement will vary considerably depending upon your needs, however to really add value, an engagement is typically 3 to 6 months or longer.

Introduction (getting to know you)

We will spend time with you to understand your needs and establish rapport. This usually takes one to two sessions, but we will spend the time we need, to ensure the right fit.

Immersion (seeking to understand)

Upon engagement, we will arrange regular 1.0-1.5 hour sessions with you as the Founder/CEO. This is generally weekly or fortnightly.

We will engage with members of your team to understand what is working well and perhaps some areas for improvement.

We will immerse ourselves in your business strategy and make the effort needed to truly understand the critical drivers for performance and the unique purpose/meaning that underpins your success.

Strategic Plan (moving to action)

Taking a holistic approach to strategy and transformation and working with key advisors to your business (as appropriate), we will develop an approach to address key people risks. These are based on relevant business milestones and timeframes tailored to your business needs.

This may include delivery of key components of the agreed plan and mentoring support to internal HR professionals.


Ilona has worked with many exceptional professionals during her career. In order to provide the best solutions possible, we will refer and/or partner with expert associates to ensure the best possible services and solutions are implemented.

pivotnow process.png

This may include:

  • Executive coaches

  • Organisation design and development professionals (including leadership development and assessment/measurement)

  • Talent acquisition and executive search consultants

  • Remuneration and Reward professionals

  • Experts in Human Centred Design

  • Specialists in business model/operating design