Pivotnow was founded in mid 2019 by Ilona Charles to provide essential support and advice to CEOs and founders leading their organisations through significant growth, transition or both. People problems are the leading cause of failure in high potential start-ups. In fact, the complexity of people problems are often under-estimated in organisations of all sizes. The impact of insufficient planning or failure to adequately consider the implications of critical people decisions can significantly de-rail scale up efforts. Ilona utilises her extensive experience in organisation strategy to apply a ‘just right’ approach to critical people decisions.

Benefits for Founders & CEOs

  • A trusted confidant on issues and challenges you can rarely, if ever, discuss with anyone else. The nature of the CEO role is one filled with constant uncertainty and ambiguity and potential isolation and loneliness.

  • A considered, planned personal vision for the future, articulating the personal legacy you want to leave and a clear plan to achieve this.

  • An understanding of the dynamics of your executive team and board, evolving your own leadership to take control of key relationships and successfully navigate key pivot points of your organisation’s evolution.

  • Time back in your day, weeks and months to focus on the things that are really important to you. Less doing, more leading.

  • Access to strategic people advice often only available to large businesses and corporations

Benefits for your Organisation

  • Above all.. CLARITY. You will be equipped with a clearly defined operating model and organisation structure supported by the right people capabilities appropriate for the current and projected stages of growth.

  • Performance and revenue growth driven by highly capable people, efficient and simple processes and appropriate technologies to support rapid growth and scale-up ambitions.

  • Alignment – from the top down. A clearly articulated purpose, values and culture that supports the business strategy and provides the guard rails for all employees when they face difficult or challenging decisions, and the founder is no longer as accessible.

  • A culture that retains the very best from the start-up days, attracts and retains the very best people and is embedded by creating clear alignment between systems and behaviours.

"If I were to rate my top 10 mistakes since starting Plexus - none of them are strategy, all of them are people"

Andrew Mellett - CEO & Founder, Plexus